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Financial Management Policy

The Uniform Guys Financial Management Policy provides clear financial goals and strategies, and aligns decision-making with strategic priorities. It manages financial risks, promotes discipline and accountability, and ensures adherence to policies and procedures, helping the company achieve greater financial stability and long-term success.

The Uniform Guys has adopted the following Financial Management Policy: 

  1. Accounting Standards and Practices: We must comply with all applicable accounting standards, practices, and regulations. All financial transactions must be recorded accurately and in a timely manner.
  2. Budgeting and Forecasting: We prepare a comprehensive budget and forecast for each financial year, which includes sales forecasts, COGS and overhead expenses, and capital expenditure plans.
  3. Cash Management: We maintain a robust cash management system that prioritises timely collection of accounts receivable, manages accounts payable efficiently, and ensures sufficient cash reserves for the company’s operational needs.
  4. Financial Reporting: We prepare accurate and timely financial reports that comply with all relevant accounting standards and regulations. The financial reports are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before being released to stakeholders.
  5. Risk Management: We identify and mitigate financial risks, including credit risk, interest rate risk, and currency risk, among others. We maintain a risk management framework and monitor risks on an ongoing basis.
  6. Internal Controls: We maintain effective internal controls to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting, as well as to safeguard the company's assets.
  7. Compliance: We comply with all relevant financial regulations, including taxation, securities laws, and other financial reporting requirements.
  8. Capital Expenditure: We maintain a comprehensive capital expenditure plan which is submitted to the Directors for review and approval. All capital expenditures must be consistent with the company's strategic plan and financial budget.
  9. Financial Management Training: We provide regular financial management training to all staff involved in financial management, to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the company's finances.

By implementing this Financial Management Policy, we can ensure effective financial management practices that comply with regulatory requirements, safeguard the company's assets, and support the company's growth and success.

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